1976 Honda CB-750F ... "Super Sport"

The motorcycle David owned when we got married was a 1976 CB-750F.  Honda referred to this model as the "Super Sport".  It was a four cylinder, in-line, 750 cc model with 4 into 1 pipes.  Although designed as more of a sport bike, I was more of a touring rider (even at age 24) and had is set up as such.  In this era, touring bikes had not evolved to the point that they are today.  Very few bikes came with fairings, saddlebags and other amenities that come as standard equipment on touring bikes of today.  The individual rider added these items to fit their own tastes and riding styles.  Notice the kick starter!  It also had electric start.

Accessories that I put on this bike include:

  • Passenger backrest
  • Luggage rack
  • Extended handlebars
  • Fiberglass frame mounted, full fairing
  • Highway pegs


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