2001 Harley-Davidson FLTRI ... Road Glide

This was David's last motorcycle, a 2001 Harley-Davidson Road Glide in vivid black.  The H-D model designation is the FLTRI.  It's a fuel injected, 88 CID (1450 cc, twin cam 88) V-twin full dress touring bike.  We bought it at Iron Block Harley-Davidson in Adams NY in early spring 2001.

In addition to being David's two-wheel transportation, it was also our traveling vehicle on a number of occasions.  We have traveled on the Road Glide down the Blue Ridge Parkway from Virginia to Gatlinburg TN, and then from there to Nashville and Memphis to Branson MO.  It has taken us on a lighthouse trip to Wisconsin and Michigan, sightseeing in New England, as well as a number of other shorter trips.  Our best estimate is that we rode it in 19 different states as well as Canada.

All good things must come to an end.  Although we enjoyed riding and David loved this bike, we decided to sell it.  It was sold to a man in Pulaski on July 5, 2008 and left the yard at the cottage two days later with the Cycle-Mate trailer behind it.

Accessories on this bike include:
  • Pillow style low profile touring seat (H-D 52961-98A)
  • Pillow style rider backrest (H-D 52530-88F)
  • Classic style king tour pak (H-D 53155-99AB)
  • Tour-pak lid organizer (H-D 53249-01A)
  • Premium king tour-pak top luggage rack (H-D 53665-87)
  • Detachable tour-pak rack (H-D 53107-96)
  • Detachable rack front docking kit (H-D 53104-97)
  • Detachable rack rear docking kit (H-D 53127-96A)
  • Pillow style king tour-pak passenger backrest (H-D 52201-97A)
  • Fairing lowers (H-D 58841-98)
  • Lowers storage boxes (H-D 58687-89 (left) & 58687-98A (right))
  • Low profile rear shocks (H-D 54631-98)
  • H-D factory security system (H-D 68200-00A)
  • H-D factory security system smart siren (H-D 68317-01A)
  • "H-D Motor Co." headbolt covers (H-D 43884-96)
  • H-D oil cooler
  • H-D chrome spark plug covers (H-D 32745-99)
  • H-D Road Glide hand lever emblem (H-D 44525-02)
  • H-D helmet lock (H-D 45732-86) - 2
  • H-D chrome and rubber shifter peg (H-D 34608-95) - 2
  • H-D deluxe saddlebag liners (H-D 91885-97)
  • H-D remote-control garage door opener (H-D 91558-01)
  • H-D Touring Suspension Air Pump (H-D 54630-03A
  • H-D Jiffy Stand Coaster (H-D 94647-98) - 2
  • Battery Tender Junior (H-D 94654-98)
  • Kuryakyn #4528 Dresser cruise pegs with long offset and ISO wing pegs
  • Trailer hitch with 1-7/8" ball
  • Nelson-Rigg Motorcycle cover (56-0171XXL)
  • Tour pack mounted CD/MP3 player
  • Nady MRC-11 communicator/intercom system with Nady EP-1 External push-to-talk & external power cable assembly


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