1968 Suzuki 305

A number of my friends rode motorcycles during high school.  I got my license, but didn't have the financial basis to buy my own.  After my first year of college, I got a job in a grocery store that afforded me some spare cash.  In the spring of 1971, I bought a used Suzuki 305 from a friend of mine.  I seem to think it was a '68, but it may have been a '69.  I only had it a few months.  When I transferred from Jefferson Community College to Oswego State University in 1971, it wasn't practical to keep a car and a bike.  Looking back, I can't believe that I had both as a college student.

This bike was a two-stroke parallel twin, with a 6 speed transmission..  It was a great little bike at the time.  I really don't remember a whole lot about it except that I rode the wheels off it that summer.  The bike pictured here is not mine.  I can't locate any pictures of mine.  I do remember that mine was a reddish color, but not this bright.  It may just be that it had faded!  Suzuki's web site has some information on this bike.


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