2001 Harley-Davidson XL883-C ... Sportster Custom


Marcia's bike was a 2001 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Custom in white pearl.  The H-D model designation is the XL883-C.  It's an 883 cc, V-twin cruiser.  We bought it from Sovie's Cycle Shop in Potsdam NY in August 2001.  We sold it on May 4, 2008 to a couple from the Norfolk NY area.






Accessories on this bike include:

  • Low-rise handlebars (H-D 56082-83)
  • 2-up chrome sport luggage rack (H-D 53711-96A)
  • Sissy bar upright medallion style (H-D 52655-84)
  • XL chrome sideplate kit (H-D 52806-94B)
  • Sissy bar passenger back rest pad (H-D 52495-88)
  • XL leather saddlebags (H-D 79073-01)
  • H-D detachable clear touring windshield (H-D 58570-96)
  • Windshield docking hardware kit (H-D 58164-96A)
  • Windshield tri-bag
  • XL chrome engine guards (H-D 49018-88C)
  • Locking fuel filler cap (H-D 62803-97)
  • Chrome battery "Made In USA" side cover (H-D 66358-83)
  • Chrome ignition module cover (H-D 66328-82T)
  • XL chrome oil tank cover (H-D 62512-97)
  • "Live To Ride" oval air cleaner trim (H-D 29405-90T)
  • Sac nylon ultra overnight bag (H-D 94719-98)
  • Sportster tank bra (H-D 61929-98)
  • Spark plug headbolt cover (H-D 43835-98)
  • Clutch lever bracket clamp clock - silver (H-D 75042-03)
  • H-D helmet lock (H-D 45732-86)
  • H-D Jiffy Stand Coaster (H-D 94647-98) - 2
  • Battery Tender Junior (H-D 94654-98)
  • Rose petal signal light covers
  • Soft fabric lowers
  • Falcon cruiser motorcycle cover (56-0253L)


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