The Schryver "Cottage" Construction ... 2008

2008 was a summer to finish a few things.  In May we finished insulating and hanging drywall in the downstairs bedroom.  Our friend Mike Gault, who had helped us build the kitchen and bathroom, returned and helped us install the pantry unit.  This was a slide-in unit that matched the cabinets in the kitchen, but we wanted it to go under the stairway.  This would make use of some otherwise wasted space, but the top back of the unit had to be notched to clear the upper stair.

Although this house renovation thing is a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun.  However, there are certain things that aren't so much fun so we finally smartened up and hired some things done.  Between June 7 and 13, two sheetrock finishers came down and plastered the bedroom.  Shortly after we had the wood floors refinished.  Then we painted the room and moved in.  That freed up the living/dining room and we did the same there.  Contractors finished the drywall and refinished the floor in August and September.  When that was done, we had the LP gas technician return.  He ran a line to the propane fireplace in the living room and installed a hook-up outside on the deck so that we can operate our gas grill from the house system rather than a small tank.

We now are finished with the downstairs except for the molding, casings and so on.  Since all of our 2008 work was inside, we aren't posting any of the interior pictures.


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