The Schryver "Cottage" ... 2009

Our plans for the summer of 2009 originally focused on finishing the downstairs woodwork, door and window casings and moldings as well as all baseboard and upper trim molding; enclosing the area underneath the deck that faces the lake, landscape that area and create gardens there; put another coat of paint on the house; stain and seal the deck and paint a couple of picnic tables.

We did get a new coat of paint on the house, and the deck enclosure project went so well that we decided to enclose the entire thing.  That, along with the perennial gardens there, was completed in mid-July.  For a variety of reasons, we hired a contractor to put a roof over the larger portion of the lakeside deck.  That project started on August 4 and was wrapped up on August 27.  It would have been done sooner, but we were in Mexico from the 13th to the 22nd.



In early September, we had a dump truck load of topsoil dropped off.  With the help of our neighbor's New Holland tractor, we got that moved into the lakeside area behind the retaining walls, raked into place, seeded and covered with hay.  By next spring we should have more grass to mow!  Most of the downstairs door and window casings and moldings have been finished.  The rest of those, along with the baseboard moldings will have to wait until 2010.

This slideshow is a collection of pictures of the construction and other events at the cottage in 2009.


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