The Schryver "Cottage" ... 2010

On June 8, we had a dump truck load of topsoil brought in.  Three days later, this was relocated to fill in low spots and cover some of the exposed rocks in the yard.  About half way through the process we realized that we were going to need more.  A phone call was made and the contractor delivered another load that day.

Off and on over the next couple of weeks, we finished some wiring projects outside and down cellar and did some other small projects.

On July 5, we started work on the second floor.  Over the next three weeks, we finished framing the walls, completed the wiring, completely insulated the upstairs walls and ceilings and hung sheetrock on all of the walls.

We made a quick trip to Heuvelton on July 12 and picked up two more Adirondack chairs and two tables we had made by an Amish carpenter.  Whereas last summer, Marcia applied a water-repellant stain by brush to the two chairs we bought then, this year, David used the airless sprayer.  It took less than three hours to stain all four chairs, the tables and footstools.  It was so much fun, he also repainted three of our picnic tables.  Marcia painted the fourth one by brush because it is too heavy to move off the deck to paint.

By the end of July, we had a contractor come in and finished the drywall upstairs and sanded and refinished the original floor in part of the upstairs.  As he was doing this, we primed and painted both rooms upstairs,  did some of the downstairs baseboard moldings and worked on some of the last minute trim downstairs.  Aaron also came down a couple of days and repaired the roof where it attaches to the main part of the house.  This was never done properly back in 2005 when we had the roof replaced.

We still have a number of things to do but at this point, we have had enough for one summer!  It can wait until next year.  Since the majority of the work we did this year was inside, these photos are exterior shots.  The two pictures showing a circular view through a black background were taken from the deck through a spotting scope.  The focal area is almost 4 miles away!


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