The Schryver "Cottage" Construction ... 2006

Our construction/renovation continued into 2006.

  • March 1 & 2 ... the general contractor dug a shore well and ran pipes to the house and also put down sand for the septic system.

  • Early May ... a new septic system was installed ... this included a septic tank, pump station, distribution box and a raised bed Elgin tile drain system ... unfortunately, extremely rainy conditions delayed the completion of this for a couple of weeks.

  • May 23 ... the contractor completed the grooming and seeding of the lakeside yard where the shore well had been installed.

  • May 26 ... the contractor returned and worked on the grooming of the roadside yard until they were rained out, again.

  • May 27 ... David and Paul built a deck/landing and one set of steps leading to the lake on the side door.  Davy, Lowell and Aaron rebuilt the retaining wall that had been removed for the installation of the shore well.

  • May 28 ... David and Aaron built steps from the side deck leading toward the road.

  • May 30 ... The contractor returned and completed the grooming of the roadside yard.  This included hooking up and covering the septic system, and raking and seeding a section of the yard approximately 60' x 120'.

  • July ... Marcia and David gutted 90% of the cottage and with much help from Mike Gault, one of David's former co-workers, we have built a new bathroom and kitchen.  We had both rooms painted by August 7.  Also, Marcia, with some help from her brother Lowell, has applied a coat of primer to the outside.  We had to have the general contractor return and re-groom the yard.  The soil had settled and was very soft and uneven.  They re-did most of the road side yard.

  • August ... It is coming together.  The house has been repainted in gray.  On August 24, a technician from an LP gas service was there and installed a propane tank, hot water heater and gas lines.  We are awaiting delivery of out kitchen countertops, pantry unit and bathroom cabinets.  Other than that, everything is operational.  We had to have the general contractor return and put down more soil and seed in a couple of spots.  The area over the septic tank and distribution box was not supporting growth and parts of these were visible.  This part is getting very old because now, a portion of the pipe from the house to the septic tank is showing.  They came back for a fourth time to do what they should have done on one trip.

The shoreline is a pile of rocks left from the shore-well installation.

The mess on the shore.

The shore well from the water.

The shore well from above.

Sand for the leach bed.

Leach bed being installed.

The tanks being installed.

Another view of the tanks being installed.

Septic tank and distribution box.

Groomed lake side yard.

Davy and Lowell

They moved all of those rocks in one day

The finished retaining wall.

Side deck being started.

Looking up at the finished yard

Finished road side yard.

Finished yard and side deck.

Looking down from above.

A new coat of white primer from the roadside.

The primed cottage from the lake.

Another view from the lake.


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