The Schryver "Cottage" Construction ... 2007

More construction/renovation continues into 2007.

Lowell, Marcia, Aaron and Miranda spent the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend cleaning up the top of the yard by the road and then landscaped it.  They spent several hours raking and digging and then planted several plants and put down mulch.

David's college roommate, Rich, came up on June 8 to help build a deck.  He is a retired Industrial Arts/Technology teacher who has run his own renovation business for several years on Long Island.  During the three-and-one-half days he was here we built most of the deck and installed one of two French doors.  Aaron spent four days working on this project.  David, Jr. worked with us on Sunday and Don Thompson, one of David's former co-workers also spent a day working with us.  We finished the second French door then.  The only part of the deck left after they all departed was the railings, which David finished over the next few days.

Over the rest of the summer, we replaced the remaining two windows in the downstairs bedroom, two windows in the living room and two windows upstairs.  We also finished insulating everything downstairs and did most of the drywall work in the downstairs bedroom.
We also purchased a gas fireplace over the winter and will install that in the living room.


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