Pillar Point Storm ... 2005

A major storm hit the north shore of Pillar Point on August 1, 2005.  The worst damage was done in a one mile wide or so swath. As fate would have it, we were just about dead center in that swath!  We had an old willow tree on the shore come down on the cottage.  This tree was about 3 1/2 - 4 feet in diameter.  When David was young, it actually had five trunks and over the years, three of them have come down.  We knew the last one was going to go some time, but we weren't worried about it because it actually hung out over the lake.  The winds of this storm were so powerful, it twisted it right around and landed part of it on the house.  We also had an ash tree come down in the middle of Marcia's 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix with about 13,000 miles on it!  A branch from a third tree came down on our motorcycle trailer.  A fourth tree, an old but small evergreen landed on a neighbor's portable garage.  These did minimal damage.

A view from the top of the lot.  Branches were everywhere.

This tree fell right between the truck and 5th wheel and hit Marcia's car.

This is a different view of the tree that hit the car.

Another view of the car.

You have to look close.

There is a car in there.

Here is Marcia's car.

Every window was broken and the only panels not dented were on the front and back.

The motorcycle trailer took a hit.

The damage to this was minimal.

This tree was 3-1/2 to 4 feet in diameter.

It hit the cottage.

A close up of the cottage.

It looks worse than it was.

If you look over the little gray building on the right, you can see the peaks of our cottage.  The gray building is not ours but the stone wall is.  You can see how big this tree was ... look at how tall it is lying down!

Actually, we were quite lucky.  The only damage to the house was a small piece of the roof.

This tree was snapped off and uprooted

We'll have to get some additional pictures of the roots.  After cutting the tree up, the roots went back into place.


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