Martin DC-16RGTE Premium, Acoustic-Electric Guitar

I purchased a Martin DC-16RGTE Premium 6 string acoustic-electric guitar in the spring of 2005.

A Martin guitar can be identified by its model number.  The D means it's a dreadnaught, or standard body size.  The C indicates that it is a cutaway body style.  The 16 is the ornamentation series, the R represents the Rosewood back and sides, the GT tells you that it has a gloss top and the E is because it has on-board electrics.

The top is solid sitka spruce with a gloss finish and the back and sides are solid East Indian rosewood with a semi-gloss finish.  It has a gooseneck-mounted interior microphone, an under-saddle pickup and on-board tuner in addition to the regular Prefix Blender features.

As with all Martin guitars, the tone is superb, the action great and the guitar is just plain fun to play.  Everything you want to know about Martin guitars can be found on their web site.

When I need a six string at Ham Jam, this goes with me.  It also goes with me to other jams in the north country.



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