Greco GR7 Acoustic Guitar

My Greco acoustic guitar was “designed, serviced and adjusted by Goya Guitars, Inc.” according to the claim on the label inside the body, visible through the sound hole.  It was made in Yugoslavia, and is a model number GR7, serial number 00701.  I bought it around 1970 or '71 and sold it in March 2003.

In June 2010, I got curious and did some on-line research to see if I could find more on this guitar.  I found a website that had a Greco guitar catalog from around 1965 posted.  I have posted the page from it showing the GR-7.   According to this, the GR-7 is a steel string flat top Spanish guitar.  It has a natural color spruce top.  The back and sides are highly polished brown mahogany and the fingerboard and pin bridge are rosewood.  There is a reinforcing-adjusting rod in the neck.  It has a celluloid pick guard, white binding on the front and back of the body and around the sound hole.  It is a concert size, which is smaller than a dreadnaught style.  The MSRP at that time was $84.50.

The original  tuning pegs had plastic knobs.  They eventually began to break, so I replaced all six pegs with chrome, open-gear knobs.

A man from the mid-west contacted me through the web site in early 2003.  He wrote to inquire about the GR7 because he owned one and ended up buying this and the Harmony 12 string.  I wasn't using this because the Yamaha was my primary ax and I had just bought the Martin 12 string.


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