Harmony H1223 12 string acoustic guitar

My Harmony 12 string acoustic guitar was a model number H1223, serial number 9970H1223.  I acquired it in the mid-70s and sold it in March 2003.

This Harmony was about the same size as a dreadnaught style guitar, although perhaps not as deep.  The finish would probably be classified as a semi-gloss.  The top is a light yellow, the back and sides are a light brown, and the neck and headstock are about the same color as the back and sides.  The tuning pegs are an open gear metal mechanism with plastic knobs.

I sold this guitar to a man from the mid-west who contacted me through the web site.  He wrote to inquire about the Greco because he owned one and ended up buying the Greco and this Harmony.  I had just bought the Martin 12 string and wasn't using this or the Greco so I decided to let them go.



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