Hofner Icon-B Bass Guitar

My first guitar was a violin shaped bass and I didn't own or play it long.  I don't remember what brand it was, nor do I have any pictures of it, but I know it wasn't a Hofner!  Paul McCartney made the Hofner violin shaped bass famous when he played with the Beatles.  After over 30 years playing 6 and 12 strings, I returned to the bass in 2005 when I bought the Peavey.  On November 16, 2006, I ordered this Hofner Icon-B bass guitar.  As I mentioned on the other page, there must have been a huge demand for this Asian knock-off of the guitar Paul McCartney made famous, because I didn't actually receive it until July 2007.  The case arrived in the spring of 2008, over a year after the guitar and case were ordered.

I have always loved this style and this guitar is easy to play.  It also sounds very nice.  It is light, the neck is narrow and it looks long because the body is quite small compared to other bass guitars.  My only complaint with it is that the guitar is so light that if you bend over to adjust your amp or something similar, you had better be holding on to the neck.  If you don't, the head will plummet to the floor.  Ask me how I know!

For a couple of years, this was my Florida bass.  It's a nice little bass and easy to play, but it just doesn't fit my country style of play.  At this point it is for sale.  I have received a serious call on it (actually two) and anticipate selling it after our return to Florida.

  • Antique brown sunburst
  • laminate spruce top
  • laminate maple back
  • polyurethane finish
  • vintage style pickups
  • pearl inlaid logo
  • pearl style pick-guard
  • pearl control panel back
  • pearl open-faced tuning pegs


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