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Ham Jam is a classic county music jam group, with a bit of bluegrass and mainstream gospel music typically performed.  We play every Tuesday, from 6:30 to 9:00 PM, at the Brownville Fire Hall on Brown Boulevard in the village of Brownville.

We used to play year-round, but due to weather related issues we have experienced in the past, we now take the months of January and February off.  We typically start our season on the first Tuesday in March and conclude on the last Tuesday before Christmas.

There is no charge either for musicians or spectators.  Refreshments are provided each night and donations are graciously accepted.  We also have a 50-50 each night.

New players and spectators are always welcome.  We provide a sound system with mics for the players.  Any singer that wishes to bring their own mic may plug into our system, space permitting.  For the most part, we use acoustic instruments, with some exceptions.  We do occasionally have electric instruments but we do ask that the levels be kept within reason.


Coffee and refreshments are served each week.  The coffee is provided by Ham Jam and refreshments are made possible by volunteers that sign up on a rotating schedule.  A donation can is present.  We do not expect the players or those that provide the refreshments to contribute, but we do encourage the general public to be generous.  We make regular donations to various organizations in the community, as well as the owner of our venue.  These donations and our 50-50 drawing are our only source of income.

For more information, please contact David J. Schryver at 315-486-1408 or by e-mail.

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The History of Ham Jam  

Ham Jam was founded by Jim Dupre, Paul Ferry and Bill Mack around 2002.  Jim is still a regular but Bill now lives in Florida and Paul's work schedule keeps him from joining us.  In the beginning, we played in people's homes and during the summer, at the home of the Jefferson Country Radio Amateur Club just off outer Arsenal Street in Watertown.

Because we started playing at the ham radio clubhouse, and because several musicians in the group and spectators in the audience were ham radio operators, we became known as "Ham Jam".  Please understand that we have no affiliation with the Jefferson County Radio Amateur Club or any other ham radio organization.  You do not have to be a ham operator to attend, either as a musician or spectator.

As time went on, we met at a number of public places but in December 2008, we started playing in the community room at the Dexter Municipal Building every Tuesday night.  This became our "home" until December 2014.  In 2014, the Dexter Fire Department bought the building from the village.  We stayed there for the rest of the year but in January 2015, they rented the building and we were displaced.  We now play at the Brownville fire hall in the village of Brownville. 

The sessions have gotten quite popular.  Most nights we have about six or eight musicians playing but we could typically have over twice that.  The audience typically averages about 30 to 40 in the spring and fall but during the summer, that figure may also double.

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Don Scee
October 24, 1930 - May 19, 2012

The spring of 2012 brought us sadness.  Don Scee was informally the coordinator of the audience side of the Ham Jam and was the person responsible for making the arrangements for using the Dexter Fire Hall.  Also a ham operator, we will probably remember him most for his sense of humor and spirit.  He was forever playing gags and pranks on people that still bring smiles to the faces of those he touched.


Ray Sabre
January 28, 1938 - July 25, 2013

On July 25, 2013, we lost one of our musicians.  Ray Sabre, who was well known in the area musical community, lost his short battle with cancer.  Also very involved over the years with the Black River Fiddlers, Thousand Islands Bluegrass Preservation Society and the Liberty Fiddlers, Ray will be remembered for his guitar picking, his experience and vast knowledge of music.  He was a gentleman and will be missed by all of us.



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