Lighthouses in the Canadian Province of Ontario

Ontario has a number of lighthouses both on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River.  Although we live only about 30 miles from the river and our summer home is on Lake Ontario, we have never focused on seeing these lights.

Lake Ontario Lighthouses

Windmill Point Light

The Windmill Point Light is located in Prescott Ontario, just across the St. Lawrence from Ogdensburg NY.  It is a 60-foot tall stone tower.  Originally, it was built in the 1820's as a windmill and provided power for a mill for many years.  It was a temporary military post in 1838 and then in 1872, it was converted into a lighthouse that remained in service until 1978.  Today, it is a National Historic Site.  According to a sign on the door, the facility is open from 10 until 4, Thursday through Monday.  We were there on a Tuesday.  Distance views of this light can be had from Ogdensburg on the American side of the St. Lawrence River.  Some of these shots were taken from there.

Prescott Harbor Inner Light

Prescott Harbor is served by two lighthouses.  The inner light is a 40-foot, white wooden tower with a red roof that houses a visitors' center.  It is also known as the Prescott Rotary Light and as the Prescott Visitors' Center.  It was built in 1989 by the Rotary Club of Prescott in memory of former member G. Judson Newell during their 50th anniversary.  This tower is normally open to the public and can be climbed.  Unfortunately, the day we were there, two workers were renovating the visitors' center and it was closed.  This light is easy to find.  Take Exit 716 from Route 401 and head into downtown Prescott.  When you reach the river, take a left.  You will almost immediately see the light on your right.

Prescott Harbor Outer Light

The other lighthouse in Prescott Harbor is the outer light.  This  is a 20-foot, white wooden tower with a green roof and is also known as the Prescott Breakwater Light.  It marks the end of the breakwater at Prescott Harbor and still serves as  an aid to navigation.  It is not open to the public, but very good views of it can be had from anywhere in the marina at the harbor. 


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