Rhode Island Lighthouses

We visited many of the lighthouses in Rhode Island on August 14-16, 2007.  As with the lighthouses of Connecticut, many can only be seen by boat and very few were available to be climbed.  For the most part, these lights are arranged in a west to east order.

Watch Hill Lighthouse

The Watch Hill Lighthouse is located on Watch Hill Point in Westerly RI.  It is a Coast Guard facility and you can not access the building.  If you have a handicapped parking permit, you can drive right up to the facility.  Otherwise, you have a short walk to the light.  It's a quaint little seaside town and the distance to the light isn't the problem.  Parking on the streets near the lighthouse is restricted to residents so you have to park on the main street in the downtown section.  Good luck!  We drove around the loop in the town about three times.  The ratio of cars to parking places was about 5 to 1.  Finally, Marcia walked in to take pictures while David drove around some more.  The building was being painted when we were there, which explains the truck and pylons.

Point Judith Lighthouse

Point Judith is on the western side of Rhode Island Sound in Narragansett.  The facility was surrounded by a chain link fence and, although the driveway gate was closed, the pedestrian gate wasn't.  We walked in and strolled around and took these pictures.  No one stopped us so we assume that it is okay to do.  We actually got quite the tour of this town.  There was a significant amount of road construction in the area and whoever put up the detour signs must have been having a bad day when they did it.  We went round and round before finding the lighthouse.

Warwick Lighthouse

Located in Warwick, this light is a Coast Guard station.  It is not open to the public but you can get a good view from out front.

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse 

This picture was taken from the entrance to the East Providence Pollution Control Facility, on the east side of the Providence River.

Conimicut Lighthouse

These views came from the east side of the Providence River in Barrington.  The first is from a very nice residential area where two young boys had a stand selling cranberry juice (we bought two).  The second shot was overlooking a golf course just south of the first location.

Newport Harbor (Goat Island) Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located on an island in the harbor at Newport.  There was actually a closer view of it from the bridge, but the because of the side of the bridge and the motion of the vehicle, we couldn't get a clear picture of it.

Ida Lewis Rock Lighthouse

Formerly known as the Lime Rock Light, this lighthouse is located at the Ida Lewis Yacht Club in Newport.  It is a private club with signs noting that it is members only.  We walked out onto an adjacent pier where an incoming mariner assured us that this is the lighthouse.  The light is located on the far side of the building and is not visible from the shore or the adjacent pier.  By the way, if you visit this light, be careful where you park.  As we returned to our car, we simultaneously saw the sign saying "no parking past this point" and the officer giving out tickets.  He had tagged the car on our left and was in the process of ticketing the one on the right.  We smiled and waved to him as we drove off.  We assume he avoided us because of our New York plates.  The other two cars had Rhode Island plates.

Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse

Hog Island is located just south of Bristol Harbor in Portsmouth.  This picture was taken from an overlook south of the harbor.

Sakonnet Lighthouse

Sakonnet Lighthouse is located in the bay at Little Compton.  This photo was taken from the mainland.


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