Building the addition ... Phase 2 ... part 2

  • July 19 ... The crew took a day off from this project to make a trip north to take care of a few things including clean-up of some storm damage that occurred on July 18.  We lost a couple of branches from the big maple tree in the yard at the Talcville house in that storm but didn't have to deal with it because David, Jr. cut and cleaned it up.
  • July 20 ...  This day started with the placement of a closet wall, which was the only inner partition left to do.  Then they plumbed and leveled everything before moving on to the roof trusses.  By the end of the day, the roof trusses were all in place.
  • July 23 ... A major part of today was spent fine-tuning a number of things.  The fascia boards and ladders were put in place and inner partitions were leveled and trued.  The last big step of the day was the placing of the garage walls and main header beam.
  • July 24 ... The garage trusses went up today and a large part of the roof sheathing went on.  They could only do part of this because the build-over section ... that would be the roof section where the addition connects to the original house ... needed to be built.  They got about one-half of that done.
  • July 25 ... The rest of the build-over was finished today but they couldn't continue with the roof sheathing because it has to be inspected before getting closed in.  The inspector is scheduled to arrive either late this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  They also got the fascia boards and ladders on the garage and put some of the sheathing on that.  Some disturbing news today ... The Barden deliveries that were schedule for this past Monday and today have not arrived.  We have just found out that they have been postponed because of a late change in window order.  We did that because we discovered that there were a number of windows in the house that we didn't request.  Our Barden rep doesn't know how they got there so it appears they arbitrarily placed some windows in the foundation and garage that we didn't want.  It appears that it is our fault that the windows are being held up.  They are scheduled for next Monday.
  • July 26 ... A major rain hit the area today.  Aaron and Mo are doing some work inside ... tying up some things that needed to be done.  Because of the rain and the lack of materials from Barden, this is a good day for that, although they are still getting soaked because the roof isn't closed in yet.  The rain is needed.  This is perhaps one of the driest summers on record.  All of the grass is brown and dried and the lake is a good foot and a half lower than it should be.
  • July 27 ... Mo and Butch were up north on other projects today.  Aaron worked alone on a number of small things ... hurricane ties, leveling walls, installing the basement wall and some other things before breaking for the Davis/Hurley family reunion at Mark's this weekend.
  • July 30 ... The Barden truck did arrive first thing this morning.  There was some trim for the porch and a couple of other small things, but I was surprised that a truck was sent with such a small amount of material!  They finished the build-over this morning and went to work on the roofing.  Butch did some inside work like the cellar stairs.  About 80% of the shingles were down on the upper roof by the end of the day.

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