Building the addition ... Phase 2 ... part 5

  • September 10 ... Saturday the 9th was a big day.  The knock-down/textured ceilings were done the morning before and after a day of prep work on the walls, painting started.  The contractor got here a little after 7 on Sunday morning and didn't leave until about 6 Monday morning.  By then, all of the ceilings and walls had their final paint.  However, this was also the day of a major set-back.  Cota Flooring arrived about 8:20 to start installing the porcelain tile in the bathroom and hardwood throughout the rest of the house.  At 11 AM, the Cota salesman was at the door to notify us that there were some problems.  It seems that they didn't realize until opening the packages of flooring that the house had to be heated for two weeks prior to the floor being installed.  This not only set us back two weeks, but it meant that we wouldn't be able to move in when we got back from our Ireland vacation as we had planned.  It also meant that we had to re-order some priorities.  The heating system had to go in next.  The problem there was that the boiler was on back-order.  Butch got on the phone and within a few hours, tracked down the boiler and arranged for its delivery within a couple of days.  Aaron also arrived this morning.  He wasn't supposed to be back until the next day, but he must have missed us.  He spent the day working on siding.
  • During the weeks of September 10 and 17, a variety of things were taken care of.  The siding, soffit, fascia and stonework were all completed.  Work progressed inside on electrical (hanging lights and hooking up outlets and switches), heating, doors and so on.  By the 17th, the boiler was running and the house was being heated.  We left for Ireland that day, so the brothers decided to work a few days and then head north for a couple of weeks to take care of other jobs that they have been neglecting to get our house built!
  • October 2 ... We arrived home from Ireland late last night and the Cota crew was here this morning to start work on the hardwood floors.  They had it finished and were out of here by noon on Friday, October 5.  Butch and Mo were here a couple of days and worked on a variety of things, including the heat in the old part of the house and the insulation on the foundation of the old house.
  • October 8-10 and 16-18... the guys were here and worked on a variety of things to complete the project.
  • October 22 ... at this point, the house is basically done.  There are a few very small things that have to be wrapped up.  They will be done this week during the evening hours.  During the daylight, Butch and Mo will break out the heavy equipment and do the back-filling, groom the yard and build a driveway.

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