Alaska Cruise ... August 2008

We went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska in August of 2008.  It was a part of a group thing put together by a travel agent in the area.  There were several other couples on the trip that we knew, most notably Pete and Chris Matejcik and Gary and Cindy Edick.

We flew out of Albany on Friday, August 22.  There were three legs of the flight, the first one to Chicago, the second to Seattle and the final leg into Vancouver BC.  We arrived in Vancouver at about 10:30 and stayed at a hotel there that night.  When you consider how early we got up to drive to Albany for our flight and the 3-hour time zone lag, it was a long day.

We sailed out of Vancouver the next morning and spent 7 days sailing up and down the inside passage.  We had ports of call at Icy Strait Point, Skagway and Juneau and sailed into a bay where we got a great look at a glacier.  In Skagway, we rode a train up the mountainside to the border with the Yukon Territory.

We arrived back in Vancouver on Saturday, August 30.  Because our flight was quite early and we weren't certain of our timing, we opted to stay that night in Vancouver.  That gave us most of the day to do some sight-seeing in the city.

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We got back to Albany quite late on Sunday night but decided to drive all the way back home.  We got back to Edwards at about 1 AM.


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