Nassau, Bahamas ... February 2007

During the mid-winter break in February 2007, we went to Florida and the Bahamas.  We flew to Miami and stayed a couple of days in that area and then boarded the Regal Empress for a cruise to the Bahamas.  This was a fairly small ship, as cruise lines go.

We left port about 5 PM and sailed through the night.  When we awoke the next day, we were in Nassau where we spent the day.  We went into the town to do some shopping and sight-seeing that morning.  We went back to the boat to drop off our packages and eat lunch and then decided to spend the afternoon in town as well.  On our way back in across the pier, we heard a female voice yelling out "hey ... it's the Schryvers".  It was Dave and Laura Little, good friends of ours from Watertown who were on a Caribbean cruise and just happened to be a the same port.

We sailed back to Florida that night and took our rental car up to Orlando where we spent three days, including one full day at Disney World.  We flew back to New York from Orlando.

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