Georgia 2011

The winter of 2010-2011 was especially brutal in the north country so we decided the only logical thing to do during Marcia's mid-winter break was to get out of town.  David had a meeting with a new client in Watertown on Friday, February 18, so Marcia hitched a ride with Heather, a good friend and co-worker who was headed to the Baltimore area for the week.  We met in Watertown and convoyed to northern Pennsylvania where our routes split.  We stayed overnight at the Four Points in Chambersburg.

The next afternoon we arrived at the home of Mike Shaw, an old friend from northern New York who now lives and teaches in the Atlanta area.  We have visited with Mike before.  We went out for dinner and then spent Saturday evening catching up.  We did the tourist thing.  We toured the Atlanta Aquarium and the World of Coke facility.  Mike had to work on Monday, Presidents' Day because they had lost their emergency closing time due to a week-long ice storm earlier in the year.  We headed back into downtown Atlanta and visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center and the Jimmy Carter Museum.

After a day of touristing, we headed for Bethlehem, Georgia, about 40 minutes northeast of Atlanta.  John and Sue Ellen Neveu, from the Plattsburg area, have a winter home there.  John is an old college buddy of David's.  We stayed a couple of days with them, relaxing and catching up.  Although John and David talk on the phone about once a month, they have only seen each other briefly once in the last 18 or 19 years.  John bought a '60s Chevy El Camino last year in Jefferson County.  David went and looked at it for him and then met him for lunch when he came down to pick it up.

On Wednesday morning, we headed out for a short 20 minute or so drive to Flowery Branch, Georgia.  Ken and Charlene Hanson, our next door neighbors at the cottage live there.  We spent the night there and had a nice family dinner with them, their daughter and grand-daughter, her sister and brother-in-law and her mother, who are all long-time friends of ours.  For some reason, the camera never came out of the car here and we didn't get any pictures.

On Thursday morning, we headed back north.  It rained most of the day and we stayed in Chambersburg again on the way home.  Friday was a return to reality.  We had fog, rain, slush, sleet and snow between central Pennsylvania and home.  After a week of temps in the 60s and 70s, we were greeted by 15 degrees and 6 inches of new snow on the day we got home.  Spring can't come soon enough!

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