New York City area ... February 13-18, 2010

We decided to use the February school break as a time to catch up with a couple of friends we haven't seen in a while and to catch a show.

We left home on Saturday morning, February 13 and headed for Rockland County.  Bev, one of Marcia's college friends lives there with her husband, a retired NYPD lieutenant, their twin sons and two dogs.  We spent a couple of days catching up with her and then headed out Long Island where we spent a couple of days with Richie and Hillary.  Rich was David's college room-mate.  Rich and Bev were both in our wedding.  We had a very relaxing four days.

We left Long Island on Wednesday morning and headed for North Bergen NJ where we usually stay when we go to NYC for a show.  We got to the hotel just after 11 AM and hopped a bus and headed into the city where we spent the afternoon walking around.

When we got back to NJ, we called one of Marcia's cousins that lives in that area.  Janet and Justin live just a few minutes from the hotel and they visited us last year when we were there.  This year, we drove up to their place and had some pizza and beer with them.

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We headed back into the city on Thursday morning and met up with Melissa, another of Marcia's cousins for lunch.  Melissa lives in Manhattan.  Janet and Melissa are both Marcia's first cousins, but are actually about the ages of our kids!

After lunch, we walked over five miles in the city, had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and then saw the musical "Jersey Boys."  It is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and was extremely enjoyable.

We were on the road, returning to Edwards on the 19th, where we spent the evening and all of the next day filtering and bottling wine! 


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