Pennsylvania Week-end ... June 2012

In honor of Margie's 75th birthday, the "Davis kids" decided to take their mom on a vacation.  Several options were considered, including a cruise, but it was finally decided that a week-end away for Margie and her five kids and their spouses would be the best.  Since Margie and Gene used to really enjoy the Pennsylvania Amish country of Lancaster County, we decided to go there.

We rented a house in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  Margaret and Kent took Margie to Mark and Lisa's in Fulton on Wednesday, June 6.  After spending the night there, the five of them went to Pennsylvania and stayed at the house on Thursday night.  Mike, Deb and Lowell joined them Friday evening.  Marcia's retirement banquet was Friday evening so she and David headed out for Pennsylvania on Saturday morning.

It was a fun weekend of relaxing, eating and shopping.  On Sunday afternoon, Gail and Karyl Jeanne Hurley Smith came over for a few hours.  Their house in the Philadelphia suburbs is only about 20 minutes from the house we rented.

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