Charlotte Tough Mudder ... November 2, 2013

We spent several days in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with David, Zoe and the kids.  David and Zoe participated in a Tough Mudder competition.  Basically, this is a 12 mile extreme obstacle course.  They met up there with three of David's high school buddies.  Tom Whitmarsh, Jason French and Matt Fox were all David's students and close friends of David Jr's and spent a considerable amount of time at our home growing up.  Jason's girlfriend, Tabbatha and her sister Hollie also ran in the event.  Shortly after this, Jason and Tabbatha were engaged.

We went to watch Gavin, Allie and Aida but it was also great to spend some time with these "kids" now that they are "responsible adults"!

There has been talk about this crew making this an annual event so we are looking forward to traveling around to watch the grandchildren while the adults play in the mud!

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