1986 3/4 ton Chevrolet Suburban Silverado
We were getting used to being a three-car family.  It was nice to have a vehicle dedicated to towing our camper but still have passenger cars to drive on an everyday basis.  Even though the Dodge conversion van towed our 20' Prowler nicely, we knew we wanted a larger camper down the road.

We went looking to upgrade our family tow truck in 1989.  We found this truck for sale by an individual in Watertown.  He had owned a 1975 Suburban that he used just to tow a dragster that he raced in Cicero.  He upgraded to this '86 and the next year got married.  In preparation of buying a home, the Suburban and dragster were sold.  We don't know where the race car went but we owned the Suburban for the next 16 years.  This thing was about 20 feet long.  In the '80's the Silverado nameplate denoted the top of the truck line.  It had a two-tone blue paint scheme and big west-coast mirrors.

It had 12,808 miles on it when we bought it and it served us very well.  It had a 350 CID V8 with a four-barrel carb and 4.10 rear end.  The fuel mileage was poor at best but it could tow.  It was a nine passenger.  The middle seat was split 2/3 on the road side and 1/3 on the curbside.  Davy got the middle seat and we would leave the curbside down so the girls could access the rear seat.  There was storage behind the third seat for tools and other camping supplies.  

We towed the Prowler with this for a little over one season and in 1991, bought the Mallard.  We camped all over New York State with this combination.  It made multiple trips to New England, including a week on Cape Cod and saw several other states.  Our ultimate trip occurred in 1993 when we went cross country.  We went through 24 states in 41 days and traveled 9979 miles. Another memorable trip included stops at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Graceland and the city of Memphis, the country music capital of Nashville and the Smoky Mountains, including Dollywood and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

We owned this vehicle longer than any other we have owned and it no doubt has left us with the most memories.  Ironically though, it only had about 55 k on it when we got rid of it in 2005.  It was part of the trade on the '05 black Grand Prix.


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