Zephyrhills, Florida ... our winter home

Tippecanoe VillageIn 2014, we made our first winter trip to Florida and spent seven weeks there.  The next year, we upped this to 11 weeks.  By this time we decided that we would officially become "snow-birds" and buy our own place but we still weren't certain exactly what area we wanted to buy in.  Also, at that point, although we had moved full-time to Pillar Point, we still owned our long-time Edwards home and wanted that sold before we invested in another place.  Our house in Edwards was sold in October 2015, so we knew we would, at least casually, be looking on our next trip south.

On December 28, 2015, we left northern New York, bound for Zephyrhills.  We were renting that winter from good friends who owned a place in Tippecanoe Village, on the south side of this city.  Tippecanoe VillageWe immediately got a good feeling about this community and after looking at a number of homes in three different 55+ communities, decided that we would really like to locate here, if the right property came along.  After looking at a half-dozen places here, that did happen.

We closed on March 8 and moved in the next morning.  The next few days were spent cleaning, settling in and changing a few small things.  We have some bigger plans for the coming years, but for now, we will just enjoy the sunshine.  Click here to see more pictures of the house.

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