1987 Fender Stratacaster American Standard Electric Guitar

I parted ways with the first electric guitar I owned back around 1968.  I vaguely recall that it was a semi-hollow body arch top with a sunburst finish.  Even more vague was the brand, but I do recall that it was traded on my first acoustic, the Greco 6 string.

For a couple of years, I occasionally jammed with a group in St. Lawrence County where the regular guitar players play electrics.  I had been entertaining the idea of getting an electric for quite a while.  In fact, back in early '09, I borrowed a Fender Strat from an old friend who had it for sale.  For whatever reason, I didn't buy it then.  My interest returned in May 2010.  Fortunately for me, he was not marketing it aggressively so I tried it out again, did some serious research and decided to buy it.

This is a 1987 Fender Strat American Standard, which was the first production year of the American Standard.  Back in those days, I believe it was the only Strat American model.  It has the three color sunburst finish and maple neck and fretboard.  The man I bought it from is a professional musician.  It's a good thing I know him and know that this guitar has been played because, based on its condition, you'd have to wonder if it's ever been out of the case.

I enjoyed this guitar for a year or so but then found that its only use was to hang in my office.  I decided that a guitar of this quality needs to be played and I wasn't using it enough to justify having it.  I subsequently sold it back to the original owner in December 2013.


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