Building the addition ... Phase 1 ... part 1

2012 is the year for the addition which will convert the cottage into a year-round home.  Phase 1 is the foundation work.  Ground was broken on Tuesday, May 22.  Between then and Friday, May 25, a big hole was dug to make way from the foundation.  In addition to the dirt that was piled in the yard, 12 loads were taken across the road to the Hanson property and five other loads were taken to two other neighbors.  It will be a long time before some people in this area will need to buy fill!

  • June 6 ... Wednesday ... we received the stamped blueprints.  I got the county building permit that morning.  I had picked up the town zoning permit a couple of weeks before.  P&M Construction started building the forms that day.
  • June 8 ... Friday ... the forms were done and the code officer did the inspection.
  • June 11 ... Monday ... the footers were poured.
  • June 14 ... Thursday ... after a day of rain and a day of other obligations on the part of the contractor, work resumed on setting up the Arxx blocks walls.
  • June 15, 18-21 ... the Arxx walls and bracing was put up.
  • June 22 ... the pumper truck arrived to pump the concrete for the ground floor walls

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