Building the addition ... Phase 2 ... part 1

  • July 12 ... The first Barden truck arrived ... the truck arrived just after 8 A.M. and was out of here by 10.  The pitch on the driveway caused a bit of a problem when the load was dropped but nothing was damaged beyond repair
  • July 16 ... Barksdale Construction (Butch, Moe and Aaron) begins work on the house build.  By the end of the day, all of the I-beams were in place and most of the floor sheathing was down on the main house.
  • July 17 ... Barden delivery of the walls and partitions of the house.  We had a major delay because a Syracuse rental company was supposed to have a lift machine here the past Friday.  They contacted Butch that it had been damaged and they wouldn't have one until this morning.  When it didn't arrive, Butch called and they informed him that the machine he was supposed to get had blown a transmission when they were loading it.  He did some scrambling and located another machine but it didn't arrive for a few hours.  By the end of the day, the floor decking was done and a couple of the wall panels had been placed.
  • July 18 ... All of the wall panels for the main house were moved onto the decking.  By the end of the day, the framing, including almost all of the inner wall partitions were up.

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