Building the addition ... Phase 2 ... part 4

  • August 28 ... The code officer gave the green light for the lower level this morning and insulation and drywall started going up there.  They also built the partitions for the wine and boiler rooms and a second partition between the garage and workshop areas to cut down on the amount of fire rated doors and sheetrock needed.
  • August 29 & 30 ... Aaron, Mo, Butch, Josh and Matt were all here on Wednesday and Mo and Josh stayed through Thursday.  By the time they left, the entire interior was buttoned up.  All heating, wiring, insulation and drywall was done and ready for finishing.  The drywall finisher/painter was supposed to start Thursday morning, but a problem at another jobsite delayed him until Friday morning.  P&M arrived Wednesday evening with some equipment and then came back Thursday morning to install the drain in front of the garage and prepare to pour the apron.
  • August 31 ... P&M arrived in the morning.  The concrete truck was scheduled for 10 AM but was about 45 minutes late!  When it did arrive, Mike and Scott got right on it and the the garage apron was done by shortly after noon.  The drywall finisher had some other problems and didn't arrive until around 7 PM.  He got right at it and worked until about 10:30.
  • September 1-9 ... Over the next few days, our drywall finisher/painter was there off and on, either alone or with up to three other men.  During that time, the walls and ceilings were plastered, sanded, primed and painted.

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