2002 Chevrolet Silverado Pick-Up
This is a white Chevy 3/4 ton, extended cab pick-up truck.  It was bought gently used by Marcia's dad in early 2002 from a dealer in Watertown.  At that time, they had a low profile fifth wheel camper trailer that he was towing with a half ton Chevy pick-up.  He wanted something a little more "capable".

He felt at the time that it was about the nicest truck he ever owned.  As it turned out, he passed away in October of that year and never really got to drive it much.

It became our third family "tow truck" when we bought it from Marcia's mom in January 2003.  We bought it so that we could tow her fifth wheel for her so that she could continue to camp.  By the end of the summer of 2003, she decided that she would sell the camper and David found that he would rather tow a fifth wheel than pilot a motor home so we sold the motor home and bought our own fifth wheel.  The camper is gone but we kept this to tow our utility trailers and boats around.

This Chevy has the 6.0 liter (364 CID) Vortec V8 in it.  It did a nice job towing the camper, which was a 29 foot medium profile fifth wheel weighing over 7300 pounds dry.  Genie had it all equipped with the fifth wheel hitch and it has the louvered tail gate for fifth wheel towing.  It also had a factory installed under chassis Class III hitch.  The truck has multiple personalities.  In addition to being a tower, you can also dress it up.  Normally, I run it with a tonneau cover on.  If we weren't towing, I could leave the fifth wheel hitch on and it was covered from the elements and couldn't be seen.  Genie had a tool box in the bed which is very handy.  He also made stake racks for it.  This is a throw back to the farming days.  The racks stand above the cab top and allow you to carry larger items.  This is especially true for moving people, which has been done often with this truck and trailer.

In the fall of '04, we took the truck in to Mort Backus and Sons and had a graphics package applied to the sides.  This was done by an after market contractor that they have.  We had the same package applied to the trailer so that the two match.  In the summer of '05, we had stainless steel panels installed, also at Backus.  These run the length of the truck, just above the rocker panels and dress it up.

As time passed, the beast got tired.  On April 14, 2016, we drove this to Mort Backus and Sons to see about trading it in.  Chevy was running a pretty good set of incentives, so we bought a 2016 Chevy Silverado, and said good-bye to this one.  It had 76,566 miles on it when we let it go.


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