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Florida 2016

Kristin and Mel were home for Christmas 2015.  They flew into Washington from Honolulu on December 18, actually the 19th by the time they got there.  They spent some time in West Virginia with Mel's family and then flew into Syracuse on the 23rd.  We picked them up in the afternoon and made a quick trip to Fulton to see Mark and Lisa's family, since they weren't coming up for Christmas.  The next day, we headed to Edwards where we had our traditional afternoon and evening with the Davis family at Mike and Debby's house.  To keep with traditions, we attended Mass at Sacred Heart, stayed at Marjorie's for the night and then her internationally famous Christmas breakfast on Christmas morning.  A new item, which may become a new tradition was the afternoon at Miranda and Aaron's.  We traveled to Potsdam in early afternoon and had a great family dinner at their new house.  Then in late afternoon, it was off to David and Zoe's for a short visit before returning home.  After a relaxing day at the lake on the 27th, we drove them to Syracuse where they stayed so that they could catch their early morning flight back to Hawaii.

The next morning, as they were bound for the friendly skies, we were off for Florida.  It appears that we are now officially snow-birds.  This was our longest Florida winter.  We were on the road just after 7 AM.  We stayed Monday night in Richmond, Virginia and the next night in Jacksonville, Florida.  We arrived at our rental unit in Zephyrhills by early afternoon. 

We stayed in the rental about two-and-a-half-months.  We found a place to buy, closed on it on March 8 and moved in the next day.  Pictures of that are here.

This page will be updated regularly. 

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