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Florida 2017

Since we are now officially snowbirds, this is more of a record of things that happened when we were there rather than actual travel.  This year, we had the truck packed early and after our Christmas festivities with the family, we were on the road by shortly after 6 AM on December 26.  We got an earlier start this year because we were concerned about an freezing rain advisory that went into effect at 9 AM.  We figured if we were on the road by 6, we would be into Pennsylvania by 9 and would miss it.  We were half right.  We were well into Pennsylvania by 9 but we didn't realize that the advisory affected much of the northeast and not just northern New York!  We were south of Scranton when we hit the freezing rain but we made it through with no problem.  Many cars were in the median or off the shoulder, some with their wheels pointing up.

We stayed that night in Roanoke, Virginia, which has become our standard first night location.  By the evening of the 27th, we were at our home in Zephyrhills.  To see pictures that we took this year ...

Building the Golf Cart Busch Gardens Florida Room Renovation The Diamonds Iceplorations
The Platters Sesame Street Jefferson County Picnic Wasabi Shed Addition
Cherry Pocket Beginnings Clearwater Beach Universal Studios Magic Kingdom
David, Zoe and the kids Micky Dolenz Rock-A-Doo-Wop Lee Greenwood Show Circle B Bar Reserve

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